About us

Soleil Trinity Resource aims to inspire and encourage people towards building their dreams, finding happiness and fulfillment in life through one’s impetus and tenacity. By doing whatever it takes to affect positive changes from all perspectives of Heaven, Earth and Man Luck, anyone has that ability to improve their life. This is why Soleil Trinity Resource aims to provide an all-rounded service - from meaningful products to education and consultation - to empower individuals in taking charge of the betterment of their lives.

In this concept, Heaven Luck is pre-destined to every individual at birth – basically, the luck you’re born with - and is beyond your control. Earth Luck refers to our environment and how it can influence us (Feng Shui, when applied correctly, can be used to manipulate this influence to an extent). Man Luck refers to the individual’s effort, where the actions and choices that are within your control can create a difference in life. In short, though Heaven Luck may have bestowed you with all the talents, without you affecting your Man Luck through proactive effort and persistence towards self-improvement, whatever you wish for – whether success, good health and happiness – is futile.

With Soleil Trinity Resource, Jessie hopes to share her knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to help and encourage others in their pursuit for happiness and fulfillment in life.